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DafabetGold大发 is a mission-driven company transforming underutilized spaces into biodiverse productive l和scapes, providing our clients with immediate access to hyper-local food while inspiring self-sufficiency through engagement.



In 2008, Jessie Banhazl, along with a college friend, founded DafabetGold大发. 杰西此前曾在真人秀节目《DafabetGold大发》中工作, 《Dafabetsports》, 《DafabetGold大发》(The Hills)),并在寻找一份更有意义的职业.

GCG’s original mission was to provide home owners with the infrastructure, 工具, 和 education to grow their own produce at home 和 help create more environmentally sustainable, 来自小型城市和郊区的营养丰富的食物来源. 到2009年春天,GCG已经扩展到为居民提供服务 commercial customers by forging long-st和ing partnerships with companies like Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare 和 B.好的餐馆.

杰西和她的团队看到了DafabetGold大发种植粮食的巨大潜力. 希望推进它的使命, GCG于2013年参与创业加速器项目MassChallenge. Through MassChallenge, the company won an award for social impact from the John Henry Foundation.

大约在同一时间, GCG began managing New Engl和’s largest rooftop farm on top Whole Foods Market in Lynnfield, MA. Exp和ing further, GCG became the garden education services provider for the Beverly school system. 这个项目提供给贝弗利的每一个三年级学生, 硕士是动手学习如何种植自己的食物的机会. GCG也成为了一个认证的福利公司.

In 2015, GCG became the Red Sox’s “Other Farm Team” by managing Fenway Park’s rooftop farm. The company also began programs with the Boys 和 Girls Clubs of Boston 和 Boston Properties. 由目标基金会资助, GCG also implemented a comprehensive school garden program for the Boston Public 学校. 同样是在2015年, 该公司对克里斯托弗·格勒特表示欢迎, GCG当时的总经理,现在的总裁, 团队.

在Chris和Jessie的领导下,GCG取得了长足的发展. The company now manages 170 unique farm 和 garden locations throughout the Northeast, 包括MA的地点, RI, CT, 和纽约. 并计划在整个地区扩张, GCG is excited about the future of urban farming 和 the value GCG can bring to communities far 和 wide.



我们与社区利益相关者接触, weaving our experiences with those of others to facilitate connection within 和 between people 和 their places.


We take pride in holding ourselves to the highest st和ards from installation to final harvest, 努力确保最好的项目, 为了我们的客户,也为了我们自己.


在这个过程的每一步, 从网站设计, 可持续采购, 到有机园林管理, we acknowledge our role 和 evaluate our actions as a part of an interconnected ecosystem.


我们不断地重新想象我们与环境的关系, 我们的食物, 我们的健康, 和我们的城市, 和 envision our work will inspire future innovation in the urban l和scape.


We commit to providing meaningful careers with living wages to an emerging workforce, 和 to proving a model that values social 和 environmental good alongside financial stability.


认证公司受益DafabetGold大发种植者很高兴成为 注册B公司.) With this certification comes a dual mission that combines bottom-line success 和 social responsibility. As a B Corp we believe that business can be a source for good by serving our community 和 society as a whole. 和其他Dafabetsports的公司一样, we are change-makers that use the power of business to solve social 和 environmental problems.


As of 2021 we have launched an 员工持股计划(ESOP) allowing employees to become partial owners of our company.


GCG是中国海洋工程学会的成员之一 生态景观联盟(ELA). ELA是一个非营利组织, 由专业人士组成的会员制组织, businesses 和 pro-active community members who believe in using l和scape practices that are environmentally safe 和 beneficial. Our L和scape 和 Project Manager, Rie Macchiarolo, is the Vice President of the ELA, 和 our CEO & 公司创始人Jessie Banhazl也是董事会成员(2011-2013年).