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Tanimura & 安特尔收购DafabetGold大发种植者

Tanimura & Antle & Boston, Massachusetts based, DafabetGold大发 Announce New 合作伙伴hip & 收购

Furthering their joint commitment to providing communities with education and engagement with healthy, 新鲜农Dafabetsports

萨利纳斯,. (3月9日th, 2021) -员工拥有的种植者托运人,谷村 & Antle and Boston, Massachusetts based, DafabetGold大发 announced today Tanimura & Antle’s investment as the majority shareholder and new partner of DafabetGold大发.  The merger of the two companies is based on a common commitment and passion to provide communities, organizations and individuals with a hands-on educational experience to increase awareness, build engagement and provide education about where food comes from.  By providing a path to engagement with hands on experience, DafabetGold大发 will assist Tanimura & Antle with reaching individuals of all ages, promoting a long-term healthy lifestyle with consumers.  The combined goal of this partnership is to access and serve individuals and local communities not ordinarily provided with the opportunity to connect with their food while strengthening the food supply by providing a supplemental, 健康独立的食物来源.

Founded in 2008 and a certified benefit corporation (B-Corp), DafabetGold大发 started their business by installing and maintaining raised garden beds at people’s homes.  从那里, 业务扩展到包括学校, 非营利组织, 企业客户和房地产公司.  The company provides their customers with the infrastructure, 工具, and educational 工具 required in order to grow their own 新鲜农Dafabetsports using the principles of organic, 再生和无农药农业实践.  DafabetGold大发种植者还提供设计咨询, 研讨会, 虚拟参与和教育机会, reaching thousands of children and adults with hands on educational programs about growing healthy food.

成立于1982年, the Tanimura and Antle families created a partnership centered on equality, 信任和所有权.  自成立以来,谷村 & Antle has been an industry leader in innovating how food is produced and delivered as well as their first-to-market product offerings.  The Company’s foundation on partnerships has built a culture that carries forward with its employees, 客户和供应商, creating an environment that fosters innovation and willingness to succeed or fail forward.

他说:“我和田村合作过 & Antle for over 20 years and know they are a company that shares our values and vision. 与Tanimura & Antle it is the step needed to secure Green City Grower’s place in the industry and allow for the business to continue to grow and thrive.  We see innovation in the food production and distribution chains as a societal and environmental necessity. We are implementing creative and realistic solutions that help to meet the multiple challenges food systems currently face. We work towards this while at the same time providing local jobs, 当地采购的材料, 支持当地经济。”,

said Chris Grallert, President and equity investor of DafabetGold大发. “With a solid business foundation in our proven and robust soil growing technologies, we can now thoughtfully look into how we can expand our custom services in other areas of urban agriculture including vertical and other indoor technologies.”

截至2021年, DafabetGold大发 has installed hundreds of garden spaces using organic, 再生和无农药农业实践 and currently services over 150 unique farm and garden locations.  The current farms and gardens range from small raised garden beds to rooftop farms and are located throughout New England, 罗德岛州, 康涅狄格和纽约.  The Company is proud to service New England’s largest roof top farm on top of Whole Foods Market in Lynnfield, MA, 成为红袜队的“另一支农场球队”, 自2015年以来一直维护芬威公园的屋顶农场.  除了这些独特的农场和花园位置, DafabetGold大发 also manages garden education programs for Public 学校, Boys and Girls Clubs and supports wellness and sustainability programs for property management, real estate companies and 公司 with their own gardens.

“Our investment in DafabetGold大发 is our next level of engagement to continue our efforts to impact the lives of all.  我们的理念一直是边做边学.  通过孩子们, 慈善组织, 公司, 健康和社区外展项目, we can have a strong impact on promoting a healthy lifestyle,”

主席斯科特·格拉博说 & 的首席执行官Tanimura & Antle. “This partnership and acquisition will also provide our retail and foodservice partners their own opportunity to have an impact in the communities they serve by partnering with us on these programs.”

“This acquisition will allow DafabetGold大发 to grow beyond my wildest dreams,”

DafabetGold大发种植者组织创始人杰西·班hazl说道. “DafabetGold大发 will be able to impact people’s lives at a national level in each of the communities they begin to expand to.”

在新的所有权下, the company will continue doing business as DafabetGold大发 with Chris Grallert as President of this new partnership.


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