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高级的生活 适合所有年龄的适应性项目

DafabetGold大发’ (GCG) Gardening with Seniors programs immerse participants in hands-on gardening activities, stimulating senses and memories while fostering a connection with nature. GCG programs provide therapeutic experiences tending plants, along with the camaraderie of gardening with peers and cross-generational conversation. Programming helps to enhance the overall well-being of participants, creating a place where life revolves around interaction with people of all ages and abilities and with the world (and plants) around them. Gardening helps to create a sense of purpose and passion in participants as well.



花园是美丽的, shared community space where seniors in independent living can work together and get to know each other. Participants can harvest fresh vegetables to enjoy themselves or in the kitchen. Programs can include activities such as container planting, which provides seniors with skills and plants they can care for in their own living spaces. Example program: After a community activity to plant and “wake up” the herb garden, seniors participate in preparing their own container of easy-to-maintain 草本植物.


我们的农民提供材料和指导, and models garden activities so that seniors can complete the tasks both independently and as a group. GCG can design and install custom raised garden beds to allow for close up garden access for wheel chairs. Example program: Seniors plant perennial 草本植物 in outdoor beds and “wake up” 草本植物 already growing on site. Features easy-to-maintain culinary 草本植物 and ones that can be enjoyed fresh or in teas. 户外活动之后是室内喝茶时间.


感官花园是老年痴呆症患者的理想选择, dementia or other forms of memory loss or cognitive decline. Memory care programs are based on sensory and tactile activities. 我们的农民提供指导, doing tasks with seniors and adapting tasks so they are accessible and adjusted to the goals of the residents. Sensory gardens are made up of non-toxic plants and edibles, bursting with colors and aromatics. Example program: Seniors can see colors, smell and taste fresh samples of various 草本植物. Our farmer helps residents make their own tea bags filled with fresh 草本植物 and the group enjoys a tea party together.


GCG提供室外和室内种植系统. 室外系统包括灌溉抬高的花园床, 可以通过轮椅或站立的姿势轻松到达. 我们可以用温室或冷藏室来延长季节. Indoor systems allow for year-round growing and programming, 包括种植架和盒子, 排水, 和生长灯. We provide vegetables, fruits, and flowers based on your interests and site conditions.


Programs allow for various food distribution efforts to be made. Resident volunteers can share the harvest and bring a portion home, 或者GCG甚至可以举办新鲜食物的烹饪活动. Produce may also be donated to local food rescue partners to be distributed to people in need within the community, 或用于设施的餐饮服务.